Monday Musings: Thanksgiving

Seeing that this week is Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I’m thankful for–and there is a lot–even though I’m currently unpublished and unagented.

As a writer, I’m thankful for:

1.  My critique partners- I’ve posted about the love I have for my CPs many times. Without Sean, Tracey, and Valia my stories .

2.  My family- Without their love and support, I would have quit writing a long time ago. They never judge. They never laugh. And they’re always interested in what I’m doing.

3.  My dog- Yes, she’s part of the family. But my pup has given me so much unconditional love through many difficult health issues this past year. As a rescue, we didn’t know what we’d get when she arrived from Alabama but she’s my angel.

4.  My blogger friends- I am part of this wonderful blog called The Midnight Society. We have banded together over our love of horror. It’s so wonderful to be a part of something so fun and creative.

5.  Agents, Editors, Publishers, Writers- You are all part of something so fantastic, can you blame me for wanting to be a part of it? Being surrounded by such creativity is something that I would be lost without. Anytime I attend a book event, it’s like I’m at home with family. There’s no other way to describe the feeling. I know it’ll be an even stronger bond once I do find the perfect agent for my stories.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday!


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