Monday Musings


Ahhhh, exactly 17 days into NaNoWriMo and I have just about 7,000 words written. Now this is definitely not a high word count, but what I’m happy with what’s on the page so far. These words have dribbled onto the page in between working two jobs, being an advisor for an after school program, and driving my two kids to their various activities.

As you can see, I am beyond busy. I fit in writing when I have a spare minute, which is working well for me. I know for some, the low word count and lack of time would be stressful. I see it as a blessing. The fact that there are new words on the page every few days makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. I refuse to get stressed by something I love to do.

I am super happy for all the writers out there who have many more thousands of words finished already. I love seeing how successful some are with NaNo. For some of my writer friends, I hope to help them celebrate their successes. Good news for one writer is good news for all!

Do I wish I could write full time? Sure. But that’s not what drives me. For now, I will continue to write when I have time and will finish this YA contemporary story in my own time. Some day, I will share this story with the world. But for now, I’ll be celebrating every word I type.


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