CREED by Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie

About CREED: Three went in. Three came out. None even a shadow of who they once were.

When their car breaks down, Dee, her boyfriend Luke, and his brother Mike walk through a winter storm to take refuge in a nearby town called Purity Springs. When they arrive, the emergency sirens are blaring and the small farming town seems abandoned. With no other shelter, they spend the night in an empty house.

But they soon discover that not everything in Purity Springs is as it seems. When the town’s inhabitants suddenly appear the next morning, Dee, Luke, and Mike find themselves at the mercy of the charismatic leader, Elijah Hawkins, who plans to make Dee his new wife. Elijah’s son, Joseph, offers to help them escape . . . but the price of his help may be more than Dee and her friends can bear

Release date: November 8, 2014

Publisher: Flux 

Genre: Young Adult psychological horror

ISBN: 0738740802

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Trisha Leaver

About Trisha Leaver:  Trisha Leaver graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Social Work. She is a member of the SCBWI, the Horror Writers Association, and the Cape Cod Children’s Writers.



Instagram: @trishaleaver


Trisha on Writing:

What inspired you to write a horror story?

Easy answer….my brother. I was deathly afraid of the dark when I was a kid. I used to check under the bed and refused to sleep without the hall light on. My older brother used to tease me, say that it wasn’t the monsters under the bed that I should be afraid of, but the ones hiding in the closet. We were stupid, bickering kids back then, but years later, with a lifetime of experiences behind me, I finally got what he meant. None of the horror I write is paranormal based. Not because I don’t love a good fanged monster, but because I believe the darkness that surrounds us every day is scarier than any paranormal creature Hollywood could dream up.  It’s the evil that lingers within a chosen few, their dark past and tortured existences that I try to capture. What can I say, I like to explore the darker side of humanity.

I’ve read that Lindsay is a huge fan of Stephen King. How does his writing influence your own?  More than once CREED has been pitched as the CHILDREN OF THE CORN meets THE VILLAGE, so it is interesting that you ask about Stephen King.

Has he influenced my writing, but more his style than his actual plots. Stephen King plays more to the psychological aspects of horror as opposed to the slasher, girl-in-bikini-running-a-lake-being-chased-by-a-machete-weilding-psych of type of horror. Think of THE SHINING and Jack’s slow decent into insanity, the isolation, the knowledge that true evil can reside in all of us….that is the aspect of Stephen King’s writing that I am most drawn to.

Trisha, Poltergeist scared the crap out of me too! In fact, I hid all dolls in the attack after seeing the clown attack Carrie Ann. At  age___ I finally beat my fear of clowns last year. After all of this, what keeps bringing you back to horror?

Psychological based horror gives you the opportunity to explore the darkest shades of life, peel back the layer of a character’s inner psyche to discover where evil dwells. Whether I am writing solo YA contemporary or co-authoring a horror, I love raw, gritty emotion and tension and that grey area between right and wrong. In my experience, fear…true, unadulterated, oh-my-god-that-really-could-happen fear is one of the most powerful emotions one can draw out in their reader and…well, horror is the perfect genre for that.

Did you do any type of research, like visiting a haunted house?

Ahh….no, never visited a haunted house.  And before you ask, I have no intention of EVER having my dreams analyzed because as you can imagine, even I don’t want to go there 🙂 We did a fair amount of research into the organization of cults, their hierarchal structure and the use of coercion and mind games to both recruit and maintain their followings. But the town, the surrounding areas, the characters are completely a fictional product of our twisted imaginations.

Co-writing is not the norm, so how do you ladies write? Do you write alternating chapters?

It may not be the norm, and I can guarantee it doesn’t work for everybody, but co-authoring has been a seamless process for me and Lindsay thus far. We both have a hand in every chapter, every scene, often trading the same chapter back and forth multiple times a day.  Not only are we tweaking content, but since all of our books are written in singular POV, we take great pains to make sure the voice is consistent.  One of the greatest compliments we can get is when our CPs or editor say “I can’t tell who wrote what!”

I know you won’t talk too much about your next book SWEET MADNESS, but can you talk about how you came up with the idea of writing a YA historical fiction horror story?

My next book is actually a solo YA Contemporary title THE SECRETS WE KEEP.  It hits shelves winter of 2015 with FSG/ Macmillan.  But you want to know about our super-secret project SWEET MADNESS.  It is truly a YA Historical Horror based on an actual murder that occurred in the late 1800’s. Why historical…I have a fascination with history, specifically the gruesome aspects of it so it was a natural place for out writing to go.

Any advice you can give to writers?

Persistence, patience, and solid group of CP’s.  Write because it is your passion, because the stories you are telling are an extension of yourself, a voice in your head that is demanding to be given life. Trust me, that passion will come through in your writing.  Ego has no place in the world of publishing. No matter where you are in this journey, there are people behind you and people in front of you and those players are constantly in motion. Learn from them, mentor them, be kind and supportive to them.  And lastly and probably the hardest for any author to swallow is SOME BOOKS ARE MEANT TO DIE.  Don’t be afraid to shelve a book. I have….more than once, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will again.


Lindsay Currie

About Lindsay Currie: Lindsay Currie graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, IL with an English Literature degree. She is a member of the SCBWI, the Horror Writers Association and a contributor to the YA Scream Queens.



Instagram: @lindsayncurrie

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Lindsay on Horror and Halloween:

  • We all know kids love to dress up and see who can get the most candy when they go out Trick or Treating. As adults, we either pick out of our kid’s haul or we dip our greedy hands in the candy we “bought” to hand out to the little goblins who ring our doorbell. So tell me, what is your favorite Halloween candy?
Ooooh, I LOVE chocolate, so anything of the chocolate variety is going to make me very, very happy. I’m particularly fond of those chocolate bars with the carmel inside of them. SO good. *drools*
  • Do you have any fun Halloween experiences you can tell us? Or pictures you can share?
Well, Halloween is my favorite time of year and I host a large costume party annually for my kids friends and parents. Last year I cleared 120 people and it was my first year running a haunted house adjacent to the party. It was two hours of celebrating one of my favorite holidays in the world. I suppose I like Halloween so much because it’s a night when anything seems possible, you know? You can be whoever you want to be and everyone just accepts it. Last year I was a zombie Alice in Wonderland (there was something evil down that rabbit hole, you know) and the year before I was a corpse bride. It’s a great time, that party. Something I’ll probably keep doing long after my kids think it’s lame:)
  • We can talk all day about Horror movies around here, and we all have our favorites. What is yours?
In terms of watching them for fun and my pure enjoyment of the atmosphere, I’d have to say I love the Scream movies. They’re such good old fashioned slasher fun, but without any real brain to them so you don’t have to worry about thinking. Along those lines, I also love Halloween – the original. So, so good. That’s my ringtone all season, actually LOL! 
However, if we’re talking about movies that actually SCARE me . . . my answer is very different. I remember the first time I saw Blair Witch Project and I was absolutely horrified. That movie is definitely along the lines of the kind of stuff that scares me. I also really enjoyed some of the Paranormal Activity movies. 
  • So many movies are being remade to be modern and to draw in a younger audience. Many times I find myself wondering just what’s wrong with watching the original. Do you like to see horror movies remade or a fan of the originals?
I will watch them, but generally I’m never as impressed. I’ve noticed that many of the remakes feel washed out to me, probably because I’m partial to the original. 
  • Can you remember the first horror book you read? Is this what drew you to writing horror? Yup! I actually recently re-read it, too! When I was in 4th grade, I read a book called The Dollhouse Murders by Betsy Ren Wright. Whoa did that book scare me. Dolls in a dollhouse that move and reenact a murder? Yipes! I was deliciously terrified by that book and I think it had a major impact on me in terms of my love of horror. That rush of adrenaline you get when you’re reading . . . it’s perfect. 
  • Fear is something everyone feels, whether it’s because we watched a scary movie or we read something terrifying in the news. Sometimes, it’s something we can overcome—like my fear of clowns and moving dolls. What scares you?  Oh geez. You’re afraid of moving dolls? Don’t read the book I mentioned above. It will scar you for life LOL. Also, maybe stay off “It’s a Small World” at Disneyworld:)  What scares me though? Not a whole lot, to be honest. I have three kids so most of my fears seem to revolve around them and their safety, but if we’re talking horror film type fears, I don’t have many. I will admit that there is a soft spot in me for exorcist related things. So, in movies where someone is possessed and they speak in different voices and have unnatural abilities . . . that stuff really scares me. I can’t remember what movie it was, but one of them had a little girl who was possessed with an evil spirit and she was standing under this emergency light repeating “you scared me, Daddy” and giggling – geez that almost gave me a heart attack. I guess it all comes down to this: as long as no one I know ends up possessed, I’m all good. 
  • As writers, we all fear rejection. It’s absolutely terrifying to share yourself via writing, but at the same time without taking that risk books don’t get published. As a writer, what has your scariest moment been?
I think my scariest moment is to come on November 8 when CREED comes out! Really, I think publishing is scary but in an abstract way when you’e querying and honestly, even when you’re on submission. But once that book deal comes through and your dreams come to fruition, it’s a different kind of scary. The kind that leaves you lying in bed awake at night wondering how people are going to react to your words. Lucky for me, I have an awesome co-author, Trisha Leaver, to go through it with. Together we’ll weather the fears on release day and beyond. 
  • How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
Well, I’m into archery and just finished a 3D shoot this past weekend where I did very, very well. If I had enough arrows and could maintain my bow, I’d totally get up onto a roof and pick them off one at a time. Well, assuming they are the slow zombies. If they’re the fast ones, I’m in trouble!

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