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ANOMALY by Tonya Kuper

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Anomaly (Schrodinger’s Consortium #1)

by Tonya Kuper

Release Date: 11/25/14

Entangled Teen

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Summary from Goodreads:

Reality is only an illusion.
Except for those who can control it…

Worst. Birthday. Ever.
My first boyfriend dumped me – happy birthday, Josie!- my dad is who knows where, I have some weird virus that makes me want to hurl, and now my ex is licking another girl’s tonsils. Oh, and I’m officially the same age as my brother was when he died. Yeah, today is about as fun-filled as the swamps of Dagobah. But then weird things start happening…

Like I make something materialize just by thinking about it.
When hot badass Reid Wentworth shows up on a motorcycle, everything changes. Like, everything. Who I am. My family. What really happened to my brother. Existence. I am Oculi, and I have the ability to change reality with my thoughts. Now Reid, in all his hotness, is charged with guiding and protecting me as I begin learning how to bend reality. And he’s the only thing standing between me and the secret organization that wants me dead…

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About the Author

Tonya Kuper’s debut, ANOMALY, the first in the Schrodinger’s Consortium young adult scifi trilogy, releases November 2014 by Entangled Teen. She lives in Omaha, NE with her two rad boys and husband, is a music junkie, and a chocolate addict. Star Wars & Sherlock fan.
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Private Profile

Name: Hannah Raymond

Age: 17

Height: 5’7’’

Hair: almost black

Association to Resistance/Job: none/ NA

Personality Traits: positive, encouraging, compassionate, loyal

Eyes: Hazel

Likes: sweets, friends (Josie), cheerleading, America’s Next Top Model, cute boys

Dislikes: mean people, not having a mom or siblings, math & science










Private Profile

Name: Santos Garcia

Age: 19

Height: 5’11”

Hair: dark brown

Association to Resistance/Job: Pusher/trainer

Personality Traits: funny, positive, supportive, energetic

Eyes: brown

Likes: food, nice kitchens, sports (watching & playing), technology

Dislikes: Consortium freaks, not being able to have a girlfriend,


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Monday Musings: Thanksgiving

Seeing that this week is Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I’m thankful for–and there is a lot–even though I’m currently unpublished and unagented.

As a writer, I’m thankful for:

1.  My critique partners- I’ve posted about the love I have for my CPs many times. Without Sean, Tracey, and Valia my stories .

2.  My family- Without their love and support, I would have quit writing a long time ago. They never judge. They never laugh. And they’re always interested in what I’m doing.

3.  My dog- Yes, she’s part of the family. But my pup has given me so much unconditional love through many difficult health issues this past year. As a rescue, we didn’t know what we’d get when she arrived from Alabama but she’s my angel.

4.  My blogger friends- I am part of this wonderful blog called The Midnight Society. We have banded together over our love of horror. It’s so wonderful to be a part of something so fun and creative.

5.  Agents, Editors, Publishers, Writers- You are all part of something so fantastic, can you blame me for wanting to be a part of it? Being surrounded by such creativity is something that I would be lost without. Anytime I attend a book event, it’s like I’m at home with family. There’s no other way to describe the feeling. I know it’ll be an even stronger bond once I do find the perfect agent for my stories.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday!

Dying to Devour: Julie Kagawa

This is normally the day I post about a book or series I’m dying to read. This week, I want to focus on the series I featured in one of these posts. Why? Because I’ve finally read two books in the series and I’m hooked!



This is the cover of The Immortal Rules I have signed by Julie. Why I allowed this book (and it’s sequel) to sit on my shelf gathering dust for two years is beyond me. As soon as I cracked open to page one, I was hooked!

I know that it isn’t really popular to love vampire stories anymore, but I can’t help myself. Some of my favorite books (no, I’m not talking about Twilight) have featured vampires. For example, I LOVE Holly Black’s vampire novel–The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Julie Kagawa has breathed new life into the vampire story by inserting a dystopian vampire society. The one difference being that she almost humanizes the bloody killing machines.

Book 1 is the story of a teen girl living in a vampire city. Everyone except a few are registered with the vampires as blood bags. Allie refuses to give in to the vampires and lives the life of a fugitive, that is until she become a vampire herself. When she meets a group of survivors in search of Eden, Allie tries to maintain her humanism.

I love the way Julie has built a dark world, but has snuck some light into the cracks.


Book 2 focuses on Allie’s search for her sire. Blood calls to blood, and the crazy vampire who’s taken Kanin leads her back to where she was born. With the Red Lung–a deadly disease–back, Allie needs to find a cure before both vampires and humans become extinct.

Now to read book 3 and find out what’s in store for Allie. Will she stay human or allow the monster from with in take control?

If you enjoy a good vampire story, then run and get this series!

Monday Musings


Ahhhh, exactly 17 days into NaNoWriMo and I have just about 7,000 words written. Now this is definitely not a high word count, but what I’m happy with what’s on the page so far. These words have dribbled onto the page in between working two jobs, being an advisor for an after school program, and driving my two kids to their various activities.

As you can see, I am beyond busy. I fit in writing when I have a spare minute, which is working well for me. I know for some, the low word count and lack of time would be stressful. I see it as a blessing. The fact that there are new words on the page every few days makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. I refuse to get stressed by something I love to do.

I am super happy for all the writers out there who have many more thousands of words finished already. I love seeing how successful some are with NaNo. For some of my writer friends, I hope to help them celebrate their successes. Good news for one writer is good news for all!

Do I wish I could write full time? Sure. But that’s not what drives me. For now, I will continue to write when I have time and will finish this YA contemporary story in my own time. Some day, I will share this story with the world. But for now, I’ll be celebrating every word I type.

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