Monday Musings: New York Comic Con

Okay, can I just begin this week by fangirling over everything that is Comic Con???? For me, it was BEA in the fall. I mean, I brought home around 12 books–some YA, some adult. I NEVER expected to get novels. I hoped to find some graphic novels or even comic books, but not books. This was a wonderful, unexpected surprise. HarperCollins, Penguin, and Random House did a fan-freaking-tastic job handing books out! Thank you to both publishers for a wonderful time. Here’s what I came home with:












I didn’t have much of a plan going into Comic Con, but I was super excited about meeting STEPHEN AMELL and AMBER BENSON. Let’s face it, Stephen Amell is H-O-T, so meeting him was huge! I think it was the best 3 seconds of my life:)



And Amber…well talk about sweet and gracious. I took my BTVS comic along with me to NYCC just incase, and she signed both her book and my comic for me.


The other part of the fun was meeting some of my BEA/author/blogger friends in New York. I ALWAYS love seeing DJ and we finally took a pic of the two of us together. I also ran into the wonderful Hannah from @irish_banana–love her!



Thank you New York for yet another wonderful event! I hope to be back soon!



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