Monday Musings

Getting back into a WIP that you’ve put in the closet for a few weeks is such an interesting feeling. One I’ve never experienced.

Now that I’ve decided to pull BLOOD LETTERS (working title) out from retirement, I need to have a plan of attack. For this, my first stop is my lovely and oh so patient CP—Valia Lind. Why? There is a particular reason I closed the drawer on this story in the first place and I need help to figure out what that thing is.

Me? I think the story is pretty good. I mean, don’t all writers like what they’re writing? If not, what’s the point? What I need is someone to tell me what I’m missing. That think I can’t see. The thing that had me stop writing in the first place.

I think we all go through this. We all feel like something isn’t working, but can’t find that glitch ourselves. THIS is exactly we ALL need a critique partners who we work well with. Someone who will be honest AND supportive. I am the luckiest writer in the world to have three writers who I can count on to make my stories the best they can be.

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