FOLLOW ME THROUGH DARKNESS- A New Danielle Ellison Teaser

Today’s teaser!!

Where are you going?” Bayard asks.

The question makes me pause. I haven’t told any of the others. Xenith instructed me to only tell the people he approved, but I have a long way to travel with Bayard. And not talking is lonely. I’ve been not talking about what I know for months now.

“San Francisco,” I say. But my next stop is to see a woman named Cecily Lopez. The Mavericks helped Cecily and her twin sister escape from the North before I was born. Their escape changed everything.

“How old are you?”

“Seventeen,” I say, even though it shouldn’t matter.

Bayard whistles. It gets caught in his throat, and he coughs through it. “That’s the other side of the world. You’ll never make it there, little girl like you.”

“You don’t think I can just because I’m a girl?”

Bayard stops walking, shines his light in my direction. The brightness of it makes my eyes water. “I don’t think you can because it’s a death mission. The world’s a dangerous place. Always has been. No one has ever made it to the other coast on their own above ground.”

“Then I guess I’ll be the first,” I say.


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