Monday Musings

Having faith in myself as a writer continues to be a struggle for me, especially when I receive comments from someone who’s read a few chapters and share their negative thoughts. My brain knows this is totally meant to help make my story better, but I can’t help allowing those dark thoughts wiggle their way into my subconscious. And wiggle they did. There was so much wiggling that I put that WIP away and began to work on another project.

Until today.

Today I read a book called Unravel by Celia Read. Talk about dark and twisted–which I will when I’m able to put into words all the feels I got from this book. THIS story got me back to thinking about my own dark and scary tale. The one that I’ve written a little over 20,000 words for. The one that has burrowed itself into the darkest corners of my writer brain and made a nest. I can’t give this story up. It pushes me as a writer, whether in the end it’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen (although anytime you’re pushed as a writer I think is a GOOD THING).

Saying I don’t care about the comments I’ve heard isn’t true, but what is are my feelings about finishing the rough draft. I might just need a very long editing and revision time for this story. I’ve kept the comments for this purpose, but I won’t look at them or even think about them until I type “The End”.

Maybe I need a special sword or something to fight those evil nagging doubts away. Maybe I should stop sharing my words until I’m finished with the entire thing. There are lots of maybes, but one thing is for sure…I shall continue to fight the good fight.



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