Monday Musings

I’ve decided to change up my posting a little bit. Mondays are such a huge drag, and typically when I get the writer yucks. You know what I mean, right? It’s when you think what you wrote over the past week is terrible. It feels something like this:


Well, I think it’s high time to begin the week with a celebration of writing. So, every Monday I will be posting POSITIVE things about my writing experiences from the week. I’d love if you’d share yours with me too. Maybe we can ALL start our writing weeks happy to have this wonderful gift of storytelling:)



I have set a deadline for myself and the MS I’ve been working on this summer. There have been quite a few days that life has taken over and I’ve either not been able to write OR gotten a very low word count in. This has been quite upsetting to me lately, because I began to think this goal was totally unreachable–until this morning.

I figured out just WHY I write slower than other writers I see on Twitter and Facebook. And the good new is…IT’S NOT A BAD THING:) Each day, I re-read what I wrote previously and edit/revise. THAT is why I write a little slower. Rather than fast drafting, I go back to make sure what I write is flowing and makes sense. This is what my work looks like:


To begin each writing session, I add my changes and begin whatever chapter I’m working on. My revisions and edits alone typically have me adding 200-500 words per chapter! Yes, this takes time but it’s something I can work on anywhere–at the pool during my daughter’s swim team practices or outside while my dog chews her stick du jour.

I’ve also been sending my CPs my story a chapter at a time for them to review for big picture and voice. Knowing ahead of time where the story might be going wrong has helped to make this ms my best yet. With a little faith and some good writing time, I know I can have BLOOD LETTERS (working title that I’m not sure I’m keeping) finished on time.


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