BEA Round Up #4

I think I had the most fun on the very last day. I was ridiculously tired, but got the chance to meet a few bloggers I co-blog with at Pub Hub–Eliza Tilton, JA Ward–plus authors Vicki Leigh & Kelly Hashaway and blogger Tawney Bland.

IMG_0938     IMG_0940



And the authors? I had tickets for Maggie Stiefvater, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare signings. This is my first time meeting Maggie and she is AWESOME!!!


I did turn and quickly say hello to David Levithan, who was with Maggie. LOVE HIM!








And even thought I was in New York, 2 hours away from home, I ran into a few local people! Such a very small world!

I know you all want to know about the book haul. Well, after shipping a 33 lb. box home, I dragged 2 carry ons (1 full, 1 half full of books), 2 bags of randomness, and a backpack full of clothing through Port Authority. My body aches and my feet are tired, but here’s what I lugged home…



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