BEA Round Up #3

I went to a lot of signings at BEA, but some of my favorite were held at the Spencer Hill Press booth.

Danielle Ellison and Alex Kahler, with associate editor Asja Parrish.




Kathy Reichs


Kate Brauning


Ryan Graudin


Lenore Appelhans- I missed her signing, but she let me tag along with her back to the hotel:) Such a sweetheart!


I went to 2 Jennifer Armentrout signings. LOVE her books!!!


Found Sylvia Day visiting Cora Cormack:)


CP signing- Valia actually RAN OUT OF BOOKS!!! YAY!


I LOVE Holly Black and totally fangirled! Never planned to have our hair match, but guess great minds think alike:)


Wish I had a photo, but none were allowed.

A Night on the Town:

Valia and I ate some food and did some shopping. I love the city at night!

IMG_0855     IMG_0867

IMG_0858 IMG_0860 

I love Carmine’s! Every time I visit the city I eat here and LOVE IT!

Visited the Disney Store and The Yankee Club House to buy some items for the kids. Love that Maleficent it so big!!!


I wish this photo showed this painter’s face better. His expression was priceless–definitely loved performing his art for a crowd!

IMG_0880   IMG_0883


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  1. Lovely pictures!!!!! I had a blast meeting you! ❤

  2. Lenore Appelhans

    Such a fun walk thanks to you!

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