BEA is One Week Away!!!



My spreadsheet is just about completed. Still waiting for the Galley Drop times to be announced. Anyone else overwhelmed at the sheer amount of wonderfulness coming this year?

Comfy shoes have been purchased.

Pretty dress for the YA Rooftop Party has been found and purchased.

Gathering snacks and water bottles to satiate me during the long lines.

Business cards are printed and ready to go. Last year I had some, but I created them myself and they sucked. I handed them to nobody. This year, professionally created and beautiful!

I’ve found some great places to visit, although they mostly revolve around food.

My suitcase is calling for me…begging me to begin packing, but I’m waiting. It’s too early, right?

Soooo, the question is…who am I most excited to see this year?

Melissa Marr- Guys, she is in my top 5 favorite authors. I can’t wait to meet her again!

Sarah Mass- I think there will be some craziness with getting into this line, since people are desperate to get their hands on Heir of Fire.

Billy Idol- I’m totally an 80s chick, so the fact that I might meet him is just so cool!

Stan Lee- Totally showing my geek here, but it’s STAN freakin’ Lee!!!

Dahlia Adler and Kate Brawning- Dahlia has such an awesome presence on Twitter I can’t wait to meet her. And I’ve been a co-blogger with Kate for two years. Such awesome gals!

Valia Lind- My WONDERFUL CP is signing!!! Love that we’ll finally meet face to face and get time to hang out.

Liza Wiemer and DJ- My lovely friends. I met both during previous BEA years. I just cannot say enough about them!

Amy Plum- Totally stoked to meet her for the first time!

Holly Black- Seriously? She is totally my idol. I mean, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown? Yeah. That.

And…I can’t wait to meet and connect with a ton of bloggers that I’ve met on Twitter and via their blogs. If you see me, please stop me to say hi.





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