Pitch Madness Update

First of all, I want to thank Brenda Drake for hosting the exciting and exhausting Pitch Madness. She, along with all of the other authors, readers, interns, assistants, and agents really did a lot of work to pull this whole contest off.

As you know, I was chosen as 1 of the 64 to be part of Pitch Madness. In the end, I did end up with a few requests–that I am very happy and excited about!

But this is not the end. Even though Pitch Madness is over and my submissions have been sent, I will continue on my journey. I have three WIPs started, but it seems that one is calling me louder than the others–all will remain a secret for now–but I can tell you that one deals with a family curse, another with a cult, and the other with a sword.

No matter, the whole idea is to keep writing the stories that are churning in my mind. As for the rest of you, I’d love to know what stories you’re writing about OR your Pitch Madness news. Drop me a line:)




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