What I Learned in 2013- When to Say ‘No’

My blog began as a way to post reviews.

And review I did. I even received requests in my inbox that I accepted.

Until I turned my focus onto my own writing. Then my review became nonexistent here. Part of the reason for this is that I began to say ‘no’ to requests. First of all, I stopped reviewing eARCs. I am TOTALLY a book person. Actually, I gave my Nook to my daughter. I hate it!

I usually don’t post personal things about myself, but I have a weird eye condition which has gotten progressively worse over the past few months. No worries, I have surgery scheduled for April 2nd to fix my eyelids. I had the very same surgery 10 years ago, so I’m confident all will be good. This is the main reason I don’t read digital ARCs. I do enough on my computer and this type of reading strains my eyes.

Moving on…I decided to only accept requests that interested me as a reader. I mean absolutely and truly made me salivate at the thought of devouring the text.

Now this put me into a bad spot, because I honestly LOVE helping authors promote their books. So, instead of reviewing I’ve been posting a lot of cover reveals and touring info. This way, I can not only help other writers get the word out about their books, but also focus on my writing.

You’ll see a few reviews coming in the near future. These are stories I was DYING to read and the authors allowed me to get my grabby hands on their ARCs.

I’m busier than ever, what with reading and critiquing CP stories–4 to be exact–and all. But I love keeping this blog. But I know that sometimes I have to say that dreaded ‘no’ so I don’t overextend myself. And my blog continues to grow as a place to talk about not only my reading, but also writing.

Any other bloggers out there feeling the same thing? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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