Monday Madness

If you anything like me, you dread Mondays. I mean, think about it. You’re at home on a Sunday night, trying to get all the laundry finished and get ready for the week. It’s late until you can crash into bed. So when the alarm blares loudly in your ear at 5:30 AM, you’re full of piss and vinegar before your feet even hit the floor.

Tonight is different.

It’s Sunday night and I’m feeling good. I’m ready to being a new week. Why, you ask? Because I FINISHED MY REVISIONS TODAY!

Yup. All done. This means I can finally get back to that the WIP I began a few months ago. My CPs will soon get some new material to read, which I’m sure they’ll be happy about. A new story. One that promises to be bold with a whisper of the macabre.

Crow bird graphics


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