What I Learned in 2013: The Calendar Edition

I admit to being a serial pantster.


There’s no hope for me in that area, so I’ve decided there’s trying to change that part of my writing. But there is one habit I can break–not having a writing schedule.

Following the muse is one thing, but going for days without writing is something entirely different. With work, 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 lizards, 1 dog, and a husband who is just like another kid it’s very difficult to squeeze in writing time. Let alone finding time to do household things.

I need structure and accountability. I’m very good at sitting and watching TV or Tweeting, but that takes me away from what’s important. Writing. After reading a post written about this very thing, I decided to create a calendar for myself.

Being the kind of person who hates when people tell her what to do, a very rigid schedule makes me want to rebel–I need flexibility. Each week I am going to figure out what chapters I need to complete CP notes for, what needs revision, what needs to be read for review, what queries need to be sent, and what new word counts need to be met. It’s a lot, but I think it will help me manage my very busy writing needs. I figure that if I meet my weekly goal, rather than a daily goal, I’ll be very happy and very productive. Because we all know that some days we write 500 words, and other days we reach 3,000.

How do you keep yourself on track and writing?


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