What I Learned in 2013

In 2013 I wrote a novel.

I celebrated, threw confetti, told all my friends.

Then I queried.

I won’t go into what happened with this, since I continue to query this project. What I will tell you is that it wasn’t ready. In my head, my story was the best thing I’ve ever written. But I had one CP read the entire ms and that’s it. What I learned is that I need a few CPs to read and comment on my story. Since I now have this in place, and have taken time away from my story, I see the error in my ways.

I need to keep working. Being a little removed from my story has helped me to get back to work. To find the mistakes, to really look at my characters and attempt to make them more round and alive.

I learned to step away from a new story.

Allow multiple CPs to take their red pens to the story.


Don’t be afraid to CUT HUGE PIECES OF WRITING. If the words aren’t necessary to the story, cut away! Over the past few days, I have cut almost 5,000 words from my ms. I’ll add more words soon, but they need to be words to move the story forward and give detail.

All of this will make my story better. I will be prouder. And some day, someone will read it.

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