What I Learned in 2013

2012 began a new journey for me; one that included allowing others into my darkness. Never before did I have a critique partner, nor did I share my work with anyone else. 2013 I learned just what I needed in a CP, and how to reciprocate.

One thing I found I needed is consistent communication. The first few writers I worked with didn’t get back to me for weeks after I emailed ideas or chapters to them. I also found that I didn’t want someone who told me what to do and where to get more information about it.

It took me a year to find my current CP, who is so awesome I can’t even begin to tell you. We email, Tweet, and text. We share our woes and excitement, but also are able to tell each other when something just doesn’t work. If my CP sends me something, I make sure to make every effort to get back to her quickly.

2013 brought me something even better–a CP group. During Pitch Wars, one writer posted on Twitter that she’d be interested in finding a group to work with to better her manuscript. Never being part of a group, I threw my name into the ring and became part of a great group of writers. Now THIS is what it’s all about. Not only has my story evolved and become something I’m even more proud of, but I’ve learned how to be a better CP by commenting as I read–noting what I feel as a reader.

2014 promises to bring me more writing relationships and stronger writing–all thanks to my CPs!


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