Minneapolis: The Book Metropolis

A few weeks ago I flew out to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Minneapolis. I’ve been there before, but mostly did touristy things. This time, I had a few ideas about what to visit. Plus, my sister made sure I received a true Minneapolis experience.

This included biking around the lakes and into St. Paul. This was over eight miles! This is definitely NOT something I am use to! But it was fun and got me to see things I never would have noticed- like the book drop boxes that are strategically placed around town. These little houses are so cool!

IMG_1309 IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1334

Basically, you can get one of these houses from LittleFreeLibrary, register it’s location, and place it in your yard. Then, it’s up to the people. Drop a book off that you’ve read and take a new one. What a concept! Sharing books with strangers. What a gift! I saw all types of books in these houses, even 50 Shades of Grey!

I am still amazed how Minneapolis and St. Paul embraced books and reading, especially with the amount of INDY bookstores in the city. I was able to visit five and each was different. Here are a few pictures of my favorite.


A used bookstore in St. Paul. I just love the wooden ladder!


A fun house in the middle of the store that was full of books. In the floor were clear panels to watch the ferrets play!


Yes. A cat and a chicken playing!


We all entered using the small door of course!


Wild Rumpus was full of animals. This is where I found the perfect book to read during my travels home.


A bookstore with an outdoor piano to play! Oh my!


This is my favorite bookshop, which is located in St. Paul downstairs from a wonderful coffee shop!



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