I have been a terrible blogger these past two weeks.

I have a bunch of excuses, but the real reason is this…


Soooo cute, right? Well, this is the sweet face that had our family quickly filling out adoption papers and becoming new parents in under one week. Friends of ours located two girls, boxer mixes, and chose to adopt one. After showing us the pictures of Sera (Seraphine),  we decided she was to be our first family dog. Just one look at her and she absolutely stole all of our hearts.

Turns out she and her sister were abandoned in Georgia, but found their way to an Alabama shelter. We had always talked about adopting, but in our area there are more full-grown pit bull dogs than any other breed in shelters. Never did we realize just how many dogs are being euthanized each week in the south, nor were we aware how easy it was to adopt one of them (hence the 1 week time period).

The above picture was of our Sera at 15 weeks old, which is a totally different dog than the one who greeted us at the drop off point.



For the past week, we’ve all been adjusting~ me to both the dog and being back to work teaching. She is super sweet to the kids and loves to be around her new family. Her favorite place is under my feet while I cook and I’ve been cooking special food to settle her stomach, so she knows just what she’s doing!

IMG_1406Sera and Stella


This week, the kids go back to school and hopefully Sera will start sleeping through the night! As for me, I plan to get back on my blogging schedule, so keep an eye out Friday for my next post.


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