Thoughts of an Unknown Writer: The Lighter Side

Being home with a sick child is normally not so fun; however, I have gotten a lot of writing done in the past two days! Seeing that I’ve gotten out of the darker corners of my mind lately, I thought I’d share a lighter excerpt from my WIP written with a little help from Paramore.

     The Bleeding Heart- Chapter 12

     “I’d love a cigarette right about now.”

     Knowing he doesn’t smoke, I laugh and actually let out a little snort. “Have any other bad habits I need to know about?

     “Yes. I’m a closet tapioca pudding eater. And I like to smear peanut butter on scrambled cheese eggs.” laughing, Daniel leans over and begins kissing my neck. Again.

     Wrinkling my nose I try to figure out what that combo would taste like. I just about vomit in my mouth at the thought. “Oh that is just gross!” I say giving him a little swat.

     Daniel is now full-out laughing. “I almost forgot. I love to be spanked too.”

     His laugh is infectious, and of course I can’t help myself but laugh right along with him. “You’re terrible.” I turn to snag a pillow to hit him with, but the ringing of my cell phone has me grabbing for something else instead.

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