2013 Resolutions

I know that you have all probably been bombarded by everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions, but I just can’t help myself. I have to share mine. I promise that, like usual, I will be short and sweet:) Please feel free to share your resolutions with me also!

I resolve to:

1. Write.

This seems like a duh, but I really struggled in 2012 with finding time to write. This year I will make NO EXCUSES and JUST DO IT! My plan is to spend at least an hour 5x per week writing. If I can do more, great!

2. Blog.

Here’s me blogging everybody! No, really what I mean is that I want to get back to more blogging about MY writing. I will continue to post reviews and author interviews, but the focus will be more on MY writing.

3. Eat better.

This is always my plan, but I tend to change weight very frequently. I don’t see why I can’t eat an entire bag of Doritos. Seems to me that I am old enough to eat what ever I want, whenever I want to. Too bad that my body doesn’t metabolize junk food anymore:( Sucks getting older!

That may not seem like a lot, but it will take me an entire year to accomplish these goals. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year!!!!


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  1. Good luck on your goals, and Happy New Year!

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