Something to wet your whistle…

I LOVE The Vampire Diaries! I have been a fan ever since reading the first words of LJ Smith in book one. Not only do the books rock, but so does the TV show! Here’s a look at my favorite season 3 scene and the trailer for season 4, which begins on October 11th. I can’t wait!!!



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  1. I used to love The Vampire Diaries, but then they started doing these bizarre plots that I don’t understand (Klaroline? Um no) and wasting too much time on The Originals instead of giving screentime to the regulars who have always been there. I stopped watching mid-way through last season after they shoved my favorite character (Tyler) off-screen, but I begrudgingly watched the last 10 episodes last month so I could clean my DVR off. My sister watches the show, but I don’t know if I can. I’m glad you’re excited though.

    As far as the books go, I loved the first four books. They were such classic reads, but as soon as I hit book 5, I just couldn’t read anymore. They were unreadable and the fact that they pretended like the original books weren’t written in the 90s (before cell phones and the internet) really annoyed me.

    Sorry for going on and on..but I just read your Buffy guest post over at Bookish Comforts and I decided to check out your blog. I’m now following you via email. 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Thanks for stopping by Susan!
      I also adored Tyler’s character and was upset to see him go, but he came back and all was right with the world:) I agree, the series is way off the original books, but I need a little Damon in my week so watching makes me very happy.


  2. Oh my! I’ve been listening to VD-related music and watching Youtube videos but I didn’t even think about googling “spoilers”. …And I’m just putting off watching that top supersauce video.

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