Thoughts of an Unknown Writer (8)

So…the rejection emails continue to roll in, but I will continue down the path of querying and working on a new story. One day, maybe I will become a published author but am content to keep working at it. I thought I’d share with you a summary of UGLY; the manuscript I am out beating on doors about. I kinda feel like the Big Bad Wolf, you know all huffing and puffing but not blowing the brick house down:)

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you guys think about my story so here it is…


Ugly is a relative term. Seventeen year-old Vanessa perceives herself as ugly; especially since her former friend has screamed that name at her for two years. Joy’s life has been ugly ever since her sister died, so she takes it upon herself to make everyone else’s life miserable. Travis has always been the bad-boy, the big disappointment. Those around him assume his character is ugly.

Then there are the secrets. Secrets that are ugly. Everyone has them, some bigger than others and Vanessa’s are huge. Her parents are so busy creating the appearance of being perfect, that they ignore Vanessa. The pain she feels from being ignored by her parents, bullied by Joy, and friendless causes her to numb herself by drinking. Heavily. Recklessly. Until one day her dreams come true. Adam, her secret crush, makes a move–wants to be with her. Deal is, their relationship must remain a secret. Vanessa becomes part of a secret and twisted love triangle. One that causes her already lonely world to spin out of control.

One night, terribly alone and drunk, Vanessa meets a mysterious boot-wearing boy. Travis. It’s in him that she finds an unlikely friend. One who teaches her just how worth it she is. The bad-boy who everyone thinks is a waste of time, but Vanessa gets the feeling that he’s more than that. He is her savior. He is the one she turns to when she falls victim to a sexual assault. An assault that is captured on video. Shared with everyone at school. All her fault. Ugly.


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  1. I think your book sounds great! I’d totally read it!!!

  2. It sounds great, powerful even…also sounds like a tear jerker though lol

  3. This book sounds amazing. I’m a teen and I would definitely read this book. I’m you find a nifty publisher soon!

  4. sounds like agreat book one I think ill have to read as well as get my teenager to pick up as well ty for posting

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