Thoughts of an Unknown Writer (6)

This will just be a short update on what is going on here in my writing world. Things have been very busy here. Life is busy. Yesterday, I was able to sit down and continue working on the query process. Now that I finished writing my query letter; which was hell, I find that the process of searching for an agent almost–calming.

Why would this be calming to me? Well, I like organization. I like reaching out and trying to find someone who is like me, interested in telling a story and willing to work with me through the process. I am not just sending query letters to just anybody, so it is taking a long time. Yesterday I only sent out three. That took me hours to accomplish, but I felt so gratified once they were sent.

Afterwards, my daughter and I sat and discussed the process (she’s nine by the way). She wanted to know all about what I was doing and who I sent my letters and samples to. I showed her the research I conducted and explained why I queried the agents I did. She was absolutely fascinated!

I am so beyond moved by the support my kids have given me. I love the conversations we have about writing and beyond. I think it is because of them that I am working through the process so calmly. They have given me the confidence to continue on the journey and to not be afraid of what lies ahead. No matter what, in their eyes I am a success and that’s what matters:)


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