Thoughts of an Unknown Writer (4)

It is finally summer vacation! I say this with a little fear in my heart. Summer vacation always goes by so quickly and there are so many things to do. First, there is the pool. Every day at noon our neighborhood pool opens. What do you think the kids want to do? That’s right folks, swim. Second, each year my son attends baseball camp. Since we are big on baseball in our house, he also plays fall ball. That begins at the end of July. I know I know. July is not fall. Believe me, I have asked that question but the season runs into October hence them calling it “fall ball.”


With just those activities alone our family is busy. Add to that my daughter’s dance schedule and the upcoming dance recital. Also, we need to fit in a trip to the beach and to our local amusement park. Oh and I didn’t mention the fact that the house is in desperate need of cleaning and reorganizing!


Now, here’s the question that I am asking myself lately. When do I have time to write? I have a plan! My goal is to finish my manuscript by the end of June. Yes, that is only two short weeks away but I think I can do it! I have purchased two white boards; one for each of my children. Every morning, they will have jobs to do before we can go to the pool. All they will need to do is follow what is written on their board. During this time, I will write. Some evening writing will also happen, but my focus will be morning writing. I am hoping that if the kids don’t need mom to repeat their jobs over and over again, I’ll get done what I need to plus be a happy mom:)


I will really try not to get overwhelmed this summer and get on a good writing schedule. Anyone else facing the challenge of writing and trying to get it all done?


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